Learning a new language: Easy tips and tricks

Recently I came across a video from Tim Doner, a 17 years old boy, who can speak 23 languages. I was amused, to say the least, because I struggle to keep up with four languages. English and Hindi are the languages I speak fluently and Bangla and French are the languages I am currently learning. So, this article is actually a note for myself after watching several How-to-learn-a-language videos and speaking to my language trainer.

#1 Know why you are learning the language. The purpose is what will keep you going.

#2 Have patience. At least give yourself 3 months before you decide to quit trying. Read an article about How long does it take to become fluent in another language?

#3 Set a goal and work towards it. Dedicate at least 2 hours everyday trying to learn new words, understanding the grammar and revising everything that you learnt so far.

#4 Hear people talk. Watch videos, movies and listen to some popular songs in the language you are learning.

#5 Download an app on your mobile phone. I use Duolingo. Use the app to practice what you have learnt so far. You can use this app while you are traveling to work, waiting for someone in a restaurant or practically any time when you have no other productive task at hand.

#6 Start speaking. Doesn’t matter whether all you speak sounds gibberish to an expert. Talk to yourself. Record your practice sessions. Correct yourself.

#7 Try to find a partner for your practice sessions. If you are taking formal classes, it becomes easy to find people who can practice with you, but if you are learning the language all by yourself with the help of the internet, try something like a Polygot Club.

# 8 Have fun with the language. Learn funny words, make funny sentences. Read some jokes online.

Tell me how it goes for you. Post some comments with more tips and tricks.

Happy Learning.

For now, Au Revoir!


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