The 5 most unexpected Bollywood breakups

Bollywood has inspired our love stories in many ways. Many reel as well as real Bollywood love stories have often made us wonder how love stories are always so perfect in the tinsel town. Some of these love stories have been so fairy-tale like that none of us ever imagined that they will end on a not-so-perfect note. Here are 5 Bollywood love stories that break our happily-ever-after myth:

#1 Adhuna – Farhan 

Adhuna and Farhan were the awe-inspiring modern couple who did not let age, religion and so many other factors create a trouble in their relationship. Adhuna, a successful entrepreneur, who collaborated with Farhan on so many creative projects made us believe that woman like her can break the stereotype of a Bollywood wife. We don’t know what went wrong in their relationship but this breakup definitely gave us some heartache.


#2 Sussane Hrithik

Can anything be perfect that two childhood friends falling in love? Hrithik’s overnight success, Sussane’s successful interior decor venture, two beautiful kids, life for Roshans was just so perfect. The couple has maintained a dignified silence over their breakup but the social media has been abuzz with weird speculations.

#3 Reena Aamir

Reena and Aamir’s romance was the classic Bollywood romance. Boy and girl fall in love, elope, get married and live happily. Nobody saw this breakup coming after they being together for more than a decade. What’s happening to “I will be yours forever”love stories?


#4 Bipasha John 

Unlike a lot of Bollywood couple who maintain “we are just friends” status, Bipasha and John were the couple who came out open about their relationship. It all looked perfect till rumors went abuzz about their breakup!


#5 Preity –  Ness

A pretty girl and a successful businessman – Preity and Ness – were Bollywood’s power couple. This relationship, later, got into a mess that nobody would have ever imagined.



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