Pet Parenting tips for the first-timers

There is no feeling more awesome than an unadulterated dose of love. Pet Parents are therefore the luckiest people on this planet because they are showered with a healthy dose of pure love every morning by their four-legged buddies. However, with this love comes oodles of responsibilities because after all these buddies are kids. If you are a first-time pet parent, things are a little more complicated for you because you don’t know where to begin. Here are a few quick tips which will make pet parenting easier for you.

#1 Take your pet to a veterinarian

Even before you get your pet home, book an appointment with a veterinarian.  Let the vet examine your pet. The vet will advise you about food, deworming, vaccinations and grooming. Take a note of everything that the vet tells you and ask questions if you have doubts.

#2 Arrange a comfortable and warm place for your pet

You can buy dog crates and beds available online. The crate/bed should be bought keeping in mind the size of your dog. Crates are a preferred choice because they are durable. Place the crate/bed at a place where it’s easier for you to keep an eye on your pet.

#3 Start Potty Training from Day 1

There are several videos available online about Potty Training your pet. Watch these videos, start training your dog as soon as you can and have a lot of patience. Potty training for pups, who are very less than 40 days, can be a little difficult but don’t lose hope.

#4 Stick to the diet prescribed by the vet

Don’t feed your pet anything from your plate. What’s healthy and tasty for you might be poisonous for your pet. Read online about foods that might be dangerous for your pet.

#5 Be on schedule for vaccinations

Vaccinations are important to assure a happy, healthy life for you and your pet. Here is a generic chart. Consult your local veterinarian for details.

#6 Give your pet toys according to the age and temperament

It’s a very good idea to get some toys for your pet but be very careful about the toys you give to your pet. Before you buy a toy, consult with the shopkeeper about the kind of toys you should buy for your pet. While a tennis ball might be good for some dogs, I have heard stories of dogs chewing up and ingesting tennis balls causing too much trouble for themselves and their parents.


Give the best to your four-legged buddy. Happy Pet Parenting!

Post script:

Adopt not shop 

Once you have made up your mind to get home a four-legged darling, please adopt a pup/dog from a dog shelter. There are so many organisation which will facilitate the adoption process for you. Check out the lovely pups at CUPA, Friendicoes and similar organizations in your city.


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