15 things I wish I said to people in last few months

How I wish I said all this, in time, and walked away:

  1. You don’t respect a culture just by flaunting your love for it.
  2. I think you are driving me insane with your puppy love.
  3. There are Private Chats and there are Group Chats. Private conversations are for Private Chats.
  4. No! I am not wearing what you want me to wear.
  5. Now that you have challenged me to do it, I have strongly, passionately decided not to do it.
  6. Yeah, dogs bark. What else did you think they do?
  7. My dog is not a T. rex.
  8. Lovely! You are offended. That’s exactly what I intended.
  9. I intently heard the crap for 40 minutes. I am still not convinced. Can you try another spin?
  10. Can I please evaporate right now? I don’t want to be seen here.
  11. The invitation says “Dress code: Casual”. Ya! Ya! That’s why I am here.
  12. Ah! 24? At your age everyone is a know-it-all. Continue your gyaan and feel good about it.
  13. No. No. No. No. (and move my head left-right-left in a slow motion 1000 times)
  14. Thank you! Now one more word from you and I am going to hit my head on that wall!
  15. Congratulations, you successfully pissed me off.  I am going to curse you for next 30 days.


But as they say,  some things are better left unsaid!


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