Review: The Blue Lagoon Resort, Goa

When I decided to travel to Goa this February, I was very clear about one thing: This trip was a vacation. I was not traveling; I was vacationing, relaxing, giving myself the much-deserved break after an extremely hectic year. Therefore, I was looking for a quiet place. Less of booze, less of party, less of chaos were my primary requirements. As I had been to Goa earlier, I had a fair idea that what I was looking for will take me towards South Goa. Distances in Goa are huge, so covering both on a short haul was not possible anyways. So, I zeroed my search to resorts in South Goa. Two years back, I had stayed in a resort near Varca beach and I had liked it. So, I was looking for a similar yet better experience. As I am a meticulous planner, I went through I-don’t-know-how-many customer reviews before I finally decided to go for The Blue Lagoon Resort on the Cola Beach.

The Blue Lagoon Resort promised what I was looking for: a private and quiet beach, decent accommodation, quality crowd and no chaos. After my trip, I can definitely tell you that it scores high on whatever it promises on its website.


What worked for me?

The location

Trust me, there can’t be a better spot to stay in Goa. We had taken a sea-facing hut and the view it offered was out of this world. The high point of my vacation was sitting in my balcony at dusk and sipping my favorite cup of Tulsi tea.




The lagoon

When I say I love water – I mean every bit of it. I can be in water whole day even when I can’t swim. The lagoon in the resort offers you that option. If you are scared of the sea, you have fresh water lagoon to rescue.

The crowd

Most of the people in the resort share your idea of vacation – quiet and peaceful. So, there is no noise, no drama, no loud music in your surroundings. During my stay, I did not come across many Indians. However, I met with some locals who were on a day’s trip to the resort and were surprised that we managed to reach this unexplored location in Goa from a remote city in East India. 🙂

The cab service 

The website of the resort clearly tells you that you can’t find out the resort on your own. Please trust them when they say that. The resort is about 40 kms from the airport and you have to drive about 3-4 kms on a dirt road and then walk a little with your luggage to get a glimpse of where you are going to stay. However, I did not really have to break my head too much because I had availed their cab services. The cab driver was right on time to pick me up and gave me free-of-cost advice on what I can explore near the resort. They also arranged for a paid cab when I wanted to explore nearby beaches Palolem and Agonda.

What did not work for me?

The restaurant 

The menu has almost all possible options that you will need on a 4-5 day’s break but nothing tastes good. I repeated toast and juice for breakfast and rice and curd for dinner for three consecutive days.

Poor room service

There is no intercom.  So, even if you have to a place an order just for a cup of tea, you have to come down to the restaurant.


While the beach and lagoon are awesomely clean, the rooms do not match up to the standards. For the hefty amount that you pay to stay in this resort, you will at least want cleaner bed-sheets and continuous water supply in the washroom. I was disappointed, the very first day, when I returned from the beach to find that there was no water supply in the bathroom.

Overall, my experience was good because I loved the location of the resort, I liked the crowd, I liked South Goa in general.


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