10 English Phrases and their ‘Real’ Meanings!

“We don’t always say what we “mean” to say and we don’t always “mean” what we say.”

To prove my point, here is a collection of 10 English Phrases we often use to politely convey feelings which would otherwise sound downright rude:



Phrase 1: That must be interesting! 

Real meaning: SHUT UP. You have bored me enough with your bullshit. It’s high time you stop. And now that exhibit no signs to stop, I must interfere – just so that you SHUT UP!

Phrase 2: I will look into it.

Real meaning: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn! I have already forgotten what we are talking about and I am secretly praying that you never follow up with me about this task!

Phrase 3: I have no idea!

Real meaning: I am an expert in the shit that you are still trying to figure out. However, you know, there are days when I don’t believe in social niceties. Please solve your issues on your own, nincompoop!

Phrase 4: Good for you.

Real meaning: What you are doing is downright dumb. However, I am too busy to lecture you right now.

Phrase 5: Such a cute baby!

Real meaning: Oh holy! It moves. It pisses. It poops. I CAN handle it! I can! I can!

Phrase 6: I was trying to be nice to him/her.

Real meaning: I have made all efforts from my end to be extremely mean. If this doesn’t spoil the relationship, I will have to resort to criminal tactics. You see.


Phase 7: You guys make a very cute couple. 

Real meaning: 7.125 billion people in the world and this is who you got for your wedding portrait!

Phase 8: You know what, “Relax”!

Real meaning: You are doomed and I can’t do much! Now for God’s sake, please stop hyperventilating; you are consuming my share of oxygen as well!

Phase 9: I am almost done. 

Real meaning: Thank you for reminding me. I’ll get started immediately!

Phase 10: I understand!

Real meaning: Excuse moi! I have no idea what you are talking about!

P.S. I am a nice person!


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