The quarter-life enlightenment

Everything that I have to say is summed up in this meme, but I will still go ahead and share the only 20 things that I have learnt in the 25-plus-something years of my life:


  1. There are no weird people in this world. Yes, not even you!
  2. A confused teenager is probably a genius in making.
  3. Love is not an everlasting feeling.
  4. You are boring. You don’t remember your past life.
  5. 99 (the 100-1 regret) in your high school mathematics exam, doesn’t matter!
  6. Your best friend can’t read your head, nor can your boyfriend.
  7. If you land up in a job which you don’t like, it’s a result of your indecisiveness.
  8. Peer pressure is bullshit. If you take shit, you get shit.
  9. You can hate people. Strong. Intense. Bad.
  10. Your people skills matter more than your CGPA.
  11. Patriotism is not just about loving your country. Elections matter.
  12. You don’t need a picturesque location to fall in love.
  13. You might be a smart head. There are many like you in this world. Learn to repackage narcissism.
  14. Dreams and goals are two completely different things. Prefer the later.
  15. Your time management skills have serious impact on your fate.
  16. It’s fine not to be the best human being on this planet.
  17. Sometimes it’s fine be stupid and lost. Winning all battles in life will not take you to heaven anyways!
  18. Religion is just a sentiment. It’s good to respect popular sentiments.
  19. You can live with loads of guilt in your heart.
  20. Your parents love you.

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