Good and Morning is a contradiction in terms!


I hate mornings. It is the time when there is no harmony in the universe.  It’s suddenly so bright. It’s suddenly so noisy. All of a sudden everyone is hyperactive. For a gentle soul like me who loves tranquility, mornings are worse than earthquakes. It is the time when fellow mortals on Planet Earth are at their creepiest best. Why would they otherwise greet you with a flashy smile when you are just out of bed and barely in your senses?

The worst morning hour is 8 a.m. I call it the hour of “mystery”. Things start mysteriously disappearing at this hour. Has anybody ever taken out time out of their busy schedules to think – why ID cards, car keys, watches, safety pins, etc. suddenly disappear at this hour and especially when you are running late for work? In a mild hypnotic state, I have seen people creating world records in the lost and found game at this hour every damn morning.

Managing a decent breakfast is as good as hunting. Someone like me, who arrives for breakfast when people are planning for lunch gets leftover crumbles of burnt bread on a lucky day. Most of the days, I am greeted by a clean table without any food. “Good Morning – no food for you today!”, says the table and gives me a creepy smile. I then kick the table and settle down with the “morning newspaper” and three cups of tea in a corner of my house. I, then, read news about political scams, murders, protests, violence, celebrity breakups and so on. Every inch of the newspaper has a shot of caffeine to wake me up to reality. “This is not a good world” is my first thought after partially coming back to senses. “A bright, noisy, polluted, mean, selfish world it is!” my heart echoes the thought.  This is the start of a typical day for me.

Ah! And on those very rare days when I wake up by 7 a.m, my family looks at me with suspicion. The amount of attention I receive by just leaving the bed early can put lesser known celebrities to shame.  I despise this kind of attention.

Well, I anyways have to carry on because:




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