Why is so easy to slut shame a girl? ‪#‎theproblemwithus‬ ‪#‎slutshamingneedstostop‬

Why do we glorify a sacrificing and docile woman instead of those who fight for freedom? ‪#‎theproblemwithus‬ ‪#‎slutshamingneedstostop‬

The news about Hrithik and Kangana’s relationship is being followed by the Indian media very closely. There are allegations, counter-allegations, supporters and shamers appearing from all possible directions.

Though we don’t know which side is the victim, the way the media is reacting to this NEWS poses one very serious question on our society – why slut shaming a girl an easy way to pump TRPs?  Doesn’t this clearly mean that some of us are busy enjoying this circus on TV?

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Don’t Ever Buy The ‘How Good Girls Should Behave’ Rule Book For Your Life

Woman, I am sure adjustment is the key to happiness. Let there be more of it in your life. Adjust. Let your spouse adjust. Let your families adjust. Let your colleagues adjust. Give equal opportunities to everyone to adjust. ‘Opportunities to become a better person’ shouldn’t be your sole right, woman! Divide the opportunities equally! Play fair!

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