How to Deal with Nonsense for Dummies

Before you begin, let me tell you: The word ‘non-sense’ in the article may have been used to refer a person, place, situation or thing. Use your intelligence to decode the underlying meaning.

I am not exactly a people-friendly person. If I can, I avoid any formal/informal setting that involves more than 3 people at a time. I hate being in the spotlight as well. For example, ask me to hold a microphone and talk to twenty people and you will clearly see me losing my wits. I have to do a mini pranayama to activate my brain cells before I engage myself in a useless small talk laced with non-sense. But, over a period of time, out of my own experience, I have come up with four tips that help me deal with non-sense. They might help you too!

Tip 1: To avoid a boring kind of non-sense, find a funny kind of nonsense. For lesser mortals like us, completely avoiding non-sense is not possible.

Yes, non-sense is omnipresent. It may change shapes and forms, but it is not going to go. So, learn to counter boring non-sense with entertaining non-sense.

I will give you an example.  My husband often teases me for looking like a lost puppy in gatherings that I am forced to attend.  Sometimes, the texts that he sends me during these gatherings from the other side of the room are hilarious enough for me to mentally roll on the floor laughing (ROFL, I said guys, ROFL!) and tolerate the gibberish that, otherwise, is intolerable.

  • Husband: Are you socializing with your wine glass?
  • I: You bet! I can explain 20 hues of red to you. Blood and wine mixing.
  • Husband: Sing a song!
  • I: Get me a gun.
  • Husband: Murder?
  • I: Suicide is for brave-hearts! I am trivial.
  • Husband: Mass Murder?
  • I: Are you plotting that idea in mind head! Pig!
  • Husband: Use your heels and dig a tunnel. Escape!

Tip 2: Ignore or kill. Turn completely indifferent or respond back with a similar level of intimidation or insult. Don’t you EVER brood over non-sense!

Now, MY problem goes beyond simply getting bored. Non-sense takes a toll on me. When stuck in a non-sense that prolongs, I go through varying degree of emotions.  I start from getting bored and reach a degree of indifference before I go completely berserk and turn violent. This generally happens when someone who I classify as ‘non-sense’  intimidates me, belittles me or tries to act over-smart with me, underestimating my anger due to my ‘lost puppy looks’.

So that non-sense doesn’t repeat itself (himself or herself), I use two tricks: I either turn completely indifferent or I respond back with a similar level of intimidation or insult. My husband is a constant level of support if I decide to take route 2.

  • I: I think I am going to pick up a fight now!
  • Husband: Jo bhi karna, sun ke mat aana! (Do whatever, but don’t take bullshit!)
  • I: Lash uthane aajana! (Come to pick up the mortal remains!)

Tip 3: Find a support system. Channelize anger when you can’t handle all on your own.

Support systems are people who don’t judge you for what you do and say. They also help you draw a line when your emotions overpower your sense of judgment.  In my case, I am lucky to have two support systems. I turn to my best friend for expert advice when my husband fails to give me a satisfactory solution to avoid the non-sense I am battling.

  • I: Isn’t that nonsense?
  • My best friend: Yes, it is!
  • I: Isn’t she an idiot?
  • My best friend: Yes, she is!
  • I: I wish I can kill them all.
  • My best friend: Oye! Tu pehle shaant ho oye! (Calm down you idiot!)

Tip 4: Confide in your dog.

If all the above tips fail, just sit with a bucket of ice-cream and speak your heart out to your dog. I do that more often that I should.

  • I: Isn’t that nonsense?
  • Pluto: Ice-cream, please!
  • I: Isn’t she an idiot?
  • Pluto: Ice-cream, please!
  • I: I wish I can kill them all.
  • Pluto: Will you give them ice-cream before you kill them?
  • I: You dog!
  • Pluto: As if you humans are better! Ice-cream, please!
  • I: :O
  • Pluto: Ice-cream, please!
  • I: Profound!