Work with me

Writing is my first love and any kind of writing assignment is welcome. Apart from writing, I can provide the following services:

  1. Social Media Marketing: I can do campaign design & execution, SEO-friendly content and – did I say – I love web-analytics!
  2. Book Reviews: I love reading (but I am no voracious reader), but I am open to doing book reviews for first-time authors (just give me enough notice). 🙂
  3. Instructional Design: I am a certified Instructional Designer. So, if you are looking at creating an ILT, WBT, Game-based training or any kind of training material, I can be of help!
  4. Teaching underprivileged kids/differently abled kids: Any assignment in Gujarat after July 2016 is more than welcome – in fact I will be thankful that you gave me a chance! I don’t charge for this service.
  5. Anything related to adoption of Indian dogs: Practically anything – write, speak, address concerns, counsel – whatever helps the Indie get a loving home. I don’t charge for this service.

You can write to me on or I check my emails every 2 hours.



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